Cirque Du Ferments

“Where we Stand”

We transform certified organic produce, spices, and herbs into probiotic and nutrient-dense, bioavailable foods and tonics, through anaerobic fermentation.
We make our ferments potent, so food is more easily digested, and nutrients more readily absorbed.
We source from local small farms as seasons will allow and are building more local contracts each year.
We use Bio-Cera alkaline, anti-oxidant filtered water to wash produce, and rinse vessels and jars before filling.
Every small-batch is handcrafted, slow-fermented in anaerobic glass vessels, and freshly hand packaged in glass to ensure purity of the ferment.
We create transformational foods for those who wish to feel alive.
We believe in creating fully fermented foods to ensure the maximum probiotic benefits that fermented foods have to offer.
We believe in quality, integrity, and intention. Intentionally making real and pure ferments.
We believe that we can help change the food industry by setting new heights for purity and quality.
We believe in helping re-establish micro and macro biomes; in our community, and in our environment.
We believe that quality is found by taste and effect, so we ask you; to not just taste the difference, but feel the difference.
Because health is wealth.

Thank you for your support as we continue to support the change of our food industry,
The Cirque Family
"When we align ourselves with what is beneficial to our environment, we align ourselves with the truth that whole foods are medicine."