Our Mission

Share the Magic of fermentation through high potency, live culture tonics, produced in alignment with a higher vision.

Raw, Living, and Pure. 

Our Tonics

Utilizing the natural power of fermentation, we transform medicinal herbs, roots, and spices into bioavailable tonics packed with billions of probiotics

We take pride in purity and quality 

Our 'teas' are packed with multiple herbal servings. Then we ferment these strong concoctions to activate maximum bioavailability.

Our brews are crafted in all glass vessels with no added preservatives, flavors, or CO2. Our process creates naturally healing tonics.

Jun culture are made up of more beneficial gut-health promoting bacteria and less yeast than typical kombucha culture.

Jun is regarded as the champagne of kombucha for its great taste and lack of strong vinegar flavor.

Jun is made with Raw Living Honey, not your typical cane sugar.

Please Enjoy and Share 

handcrafted with love and intention

Fermenting Magic since 2014