Our Mission

Create high potency, living ferments, the way mother nature intended.

Raw, Living, and Pure. 

Mission Pillars

Pillar One: Create Highly Active Fermented Foods 

Pillar Two: Continuously Limit Environmental Impact

Pillar Three: Build Local Partnerships with an Aligned Vision to Preserve Our Environment 

These Pillars work synergistically to create and maintain Cirque Du Ferments' mission and vision

About Us

We transform fresh organic produce into delicious, energizing, nutrient dense, antioxidant rich, fermented foods and tonics that are packed with billions of naturally produced probiotics!

We take pride in purity and quality 

~Source local organic produce~

~Ferment with powerful roots, herbs, and spices~

~Rinse produce with Bio Cera water~

~Ferment and package in glass vessels~ 

~Ferment to full probiotic potential~ 

~Anaerobic Ferment to maintain purity of wild fermentation~ 

We are a team of healers passionate for creating pure ferments, packed with health benefits, made wholeheartedly for you and your family. Please Enjoy and Share

With love and gratitude for our bountiful planet we create transformational foods for people who wish to THRIVE!

handcrafted with intention

Sonoma County        Est.2014     @cirqueduferments