Cirque Du Ferment was born to share the magic of fermentation; the healing qualities, immune system benefitting, enlivening magic. Pro-biotic tonics made with love and intention. 

When Kevin’s older brother Shaun generously nursed Kevin back to health and well-being. Shaun curated a nourishing, farmer’s market focused, organic diet, rich in fermented foods to help Kevin heal after suffering a very serious 100 foot rock-climbing fall. 

Real and true fermented foods and tonics brought Kevin out of his trauma depression from the accident and put his creative couch ridden energy into focus.
Kevin describes a memory of being laid up on his parents couch just months before filing for the company, “I have never felt so good in terms of overall health, wellness,  energy, and digestion as I did when my brother fed me three meals a day with his delicious live fermentations.”

Live foods and tonics have the power to change lives and Kevin is dedicated to providing the finest hand-crafted probiotic tonics available. All done with the same precision and care it has and always will be. This company is rooted in passion for healthy food and lifestyle. 

Power Your Gut, Fuel Your Passion

Organic, All Glass Fermented, Naturally Carbonated, Hand-Crafted, Packed with Powerful Herbs and Roots. 

Cirque Du Ferment was born to share health and happiness through fermented Jun-cultured tonics made wholeheartedly, the way Mother Nature intended.
Everyday is a blessing, live to be alive.