Our Story

The beginning of our journey started the morning of April 10th, 2014. Our founder Kevin Pestell found himself at odds with a potentially fatal mistake while mountain climbing. Kevin had suffered a 100 ft. fall but still remained tied in 300 ft. from the ground. With a surge of adrenaline, he slowly ascended his way back to the top where his climbing partner had been patiently waiting after calling for a helicopter. Bill helped Kevin out of his harness and took the mangled backpack from his shoulders. Kevin was is in a state of shock but knew he had escaped a fatal accident. One small mistake got him a care flight to Reno’s trauma center. A big sigh of relief came with the news that he had only shattered one small bone in his left foot, and when he saw his best friend Bill walking in with hot soup. Bill gave him a card with the biggest truth of all, “It is going to be long road with many ups and downs but most importantly stay patient, take each day at a time, and you will be a better human for it.”
Kevin knew the road to recovery was going to be a fight but deep down, on a subconscious level; knew that going back to the University he attended for environmental science would not satisfy his dreams.
He finished the school year with a 4.0, and had filed for a leave of absence for the following semester just one week prior to his fall.
After the surgery of putting internal screws and external hardware in his foot, Kevin began his recovery on the couch at his parents house in Windsor with the help of his older brother and parents.
The surgeon had told Kevin that he did not know how well the bone would regenerate and let him know that he may not be able to run or climb normally again. Kevin is a guy in motion and stays in motion so this was brutally upsetting to hear.
He began extensive research on bone regeneration and overall health, and turned a new chapter in his life. One of self discovery, of true health and happiness. While on the couch he began only eating whole foods, (nothing processed) and fermented foods such as krauts and kimchi with every meal to help with inflammation, circulation, immunity, depression, anxiety, and digestion.
When the hardware was removed 3 months later, the surgeon was shocked to see how big and dense the shattered bone had healed, and what good spirits Kevin was in. Kevin began telling the nurses and surgeon of how fermented foods changed the game for him and how he had filed for a business before even walking again.
While on the couch recovering, he read “Let My People Go Surfing” by Yvonne Chouinard, and it sparked a new path, a definite purpose in Kevin’s life. Not only was Kevin starting a business that helped him be able to run, climb, snowboard, and enjoy life to the fullest again; Kevin started a fermented foods company based on Sustainable Growth for the betterment of not only his future customers but the future of our Planet. He quickly lassoed his biggest supporter and life partner Tina Katz. A student of holistic health and alternative medicine. A natural leader and visionary. With the recent addition of health and fitness enthusiast Michael Newman, the powerful trio continue to artfully make and share their ferments with those who wish to feel alive.
Cirque Du Ferments was born to share health and happiness through fermented foods and tonics made wholeheartedly, the way mother nature intended.
Everyday is a blessing, live to be alive.